Faith and Reason


They say we must approach God through faith.  Implied in this is that faith alone is effective; that faith is sufficient; that faith is superior.

I prefer reason.  Not because I dismiss faith, far from it.

My search for a closer relationship with God through reason is founded in faith.

Faith underpins my being; faith is the predecessor of my presentation of my self before God.

Faith is the beginning.  Without faith I would not undertake the journey … I would not attempt to know the heart of God.

But reason allows us to approach God.  Reason allows us to grow into a closer relationship with God.  Through reason we search out  a pathway and then proceed along it to gain a better understanding of God.

Reason also allows us to understand the limits of our ability to reason and the limits of our ability to make contact with God through intellect.

Therefore, reason allows us, in the end, to perceive the limits of reason, and then … to rely on faith.

Faith helps us begin and end the journey …  but it is a journey grounded in reason.

Now We Bow

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