“A Blessed Hope”

Laundromat kids making friends,  oblivious to race or “differences”

Pushing buttons on all the vending machines …  always hopeful.

Moving in tandem each one pushing buttons  that the other has already pushed.                  A blur of candy-craving motion.

This is the first ritual for four-year-olds who have made a new friend at the laundromat.

Tap, tap, tap she goes along.  Her new friend follows along behind her:  tap, tap, tap.

Sometimes  …. “candy or sodas or gum comes out of there” …. so, ya’ better push ’em!

Always hopeful … always “ready for a miracle”.

Ah, me [sigh] …  to be four years old again …                                                                                To live in a world “full of miracles.”



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God Gazes Down


God peers  Glowing DNAat humanity, not with earthly eyes, certainly, for God does not have eyeballs, corneas, or irises.  From this angle, the time-line and evolutionary flow and history of humanity appears to be a glowing stream, round and cylindrical, rope-like.  The golden light infused gaze of God falls upon a portion of that stream, that golden pulsing living “rope”.

Small motes dance upon and within the current of life flowing along and within the channel.

God can see us, these motes of golden energy.  God is all-powerful and all-knowing.  And though God knows the fate of the sparrow, it is up to the sparrows to fly, eat, live, and die …and hopefully to pass along their genes before their winged bodies become eternally still.

The motes of light dance on however, on into eternity.


(For a reference regarding God’s knowledge of our fates and God’s concern for us, the sparrows, see Luke 12:6-7.)


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Vision for Vision, Dust from Dust

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The Hirsute Brotherhood

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If you are ever looking for … good curry, call me up and invite me over for tea and smash-up comedy

LOVE this song, please.

“Well Respected Man” — the Kinks  (ca. 1964

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“A Subtext”


There is a subtext, a subliminal texture to the Universeempty space

… this is God.


There is a signature, a repeating pulse, a wave – a whisper of static,

Hidden in the background noise of the Universe


… this is God.


And A Miner Cried Out

“There’s a light up above.”

(quoted from “Big Bad John” , words and music by Dean and Roy Acuff, performed by Jimmy Dean.)


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A Universe

Angels swimming and surfing on a sea of quantum uncertainty.

Flashes of brilliance and song.

Demons feasting on a dimming light … embers drifted in a void.

A throneroom of glory, a birth-place of stars.Amdromeda

What see we now? ….

See we then!



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Faith and Reason

They say we must approach God through faith.  Implied in this is that faith alone is effective; that faith is sufficient; that faith is superior.

I prefer reason.  Not because I dismiss faith, far from it.

My search for a closer relationship with God through reason is founded in faith.

Faith underpins my being; faith is the predecessor of my presentation of my self before God.

Faith is the beginning.  Without faith I would not undertake the journey … I would not attempt to know the heart of God.

But reason allows us to approach God.  Reason allows us to grow into a closer relationship with God.  Through reason we search out  a pathway and then proceed along it to gain a better understanding of God.

Reason also allows us to understand the limits of our ability to reason and the limits of our ability to make contact with God through intellect.

Therefore, reason allows us, in the end, to perceive the limits of reason, and then … to rely on faith.

Faith helps us begin and end the journey …  but it is a journey grounded in reason.

Now We Bow


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