American Immigration – The “Ugly Truths”

The history of American Immigration became increasingly centered on racial, national, and ethnic bias beginning around 1850. We are all complicit in this phenomenon since our economy and culture have been shaped based on racist and exclusionary immigration policies. That trend continues today.


There is an alternative. Institionalize a guest worker program. Let everyone who comes here stay for 15 years as long as they stay off public assistance, avoid “crimes of moral turpitude” (as defined in American Immigration Law), get a job, and pay taxes. After that they can convert to Permanent Resident status, and then 5 years later apply for US Citizenship. Why not? Let’s let everyone come here and then let them decide their own fate.


Besides, cheap labor is good for the American economy. Why can’t we out-compete the Chinese? Oh, yes we can. All we have to do is decide to do it.


Here is a time-line outlining American immigration history.


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