A Theory of String


You’re watching a video on Youtube – Al Green, “Jesus is Waiting” …

Call Me - Al Green

Fuzzy image, full screen, the video rolls,

The pixels float, bob, and weave,

Shimmering on the screen …

Cosmic rays, solar prominences, creating a fuzzy frizzy shifting halo of images.


What’s that? —

Angels flitting in and out,

Popping in, copping a view …


Angels zipping in, popping in for a quick drink of God’s breath

Mixed in with our “exhalations”,

A little nip, angels “milk drunk” on the musings of baby Christians …


Angels havin’ waaay too much —

“Fun, fun, fun, since their Daddy took the T-bird away” …

Flitting in and out of our Universe,

“Breaking the speed limits” of String Theory.  Opening doorways into our realm that should not be opened!


God became annoyed and thought,

“Those damn teen-agers!” — referring to the angels, free will beings capable of breaking the rules …

Then God ordered extra KP duty for each and every one.



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