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God Gazes Down

  God peers  at humanity, not with earthly eyes, certainly, for God does not have eyeballs, corneas, or irises.  From this angle, the time-line and evolutionary flow and history of humanity appears to be a glowing stream, round and cylindrical, rope-like.  … Continue reading

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Vision for Vision, Dust from Dust

Inspired by the Sermon “Now and Then” – Rev. John W. Wurster That which we perceive in “the now” is so much different than what we will be able to perceive “then” … then, after our physical bodies have ceased. I believe that all spirits … Continue reading

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A Universe

Angels swimming and surfing on a sea of quantum uncertainty. Flashes of brilliance and song. Demons feasting on a dimming light … embers drifted in a void. A throneroom of glory, a birth-place of stars. What see we now? …. … Continue reading

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The Spiritual Evolution of Humanity

Humanity is on the verge of an evolutionary breakthrough; God is the driving force, our cultural obsession with mysticism sets the stage for the action, and the goal is cultural and personal communion with godhead. Psychic connectivity will be the … Continue reading

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