“A Blessed Hope”

Laundromat kids making friends,  oblivious to race or “differences”

Pushing buttons on all the vending machines …  always hopeful.

Moving in tandem each one pushing buttons  that the other has already pushed.                  A blur of candy-craving motion.

This is the first ritual for four-year-olds who have made a new friend at the laundromat.

Tap, tap, tap she goes along.  Her new friend follows along behind her:  tap, tap, tap.

Sometimes  …. “candy or sodas or gum comes out of there” …. so, ya’ better push ’em!

Always hopeful … always “ready for a miracle”.

Ah, me [sigh] …  to be four years old again …                                                                                To live in a world “full of miracles.”



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