God Gazes Down


God peers  Glowing DNAat humanity, not with earthly eyes, certainly, for God does not have eyeballs, corneas, or irises.  From this angle, the time-line and evolutionary flow and history of humanity appears to be a glowing stream, round and cylindrical, rope-like.  The golden light infused gaze of God falls upon a portion of that stream, that golden pulsing living “rope”.

Small motes dance upon and within the current of life flowing along and within the channel.

God can see us, these motes of golden energy.  God is all-powerful and all-knowing.  And though God knows the fate of the sparrow, it is up to the sparrows to fly, eat, live, and die …and hopefully to pass along their genes before their winged bodies become eternally still.

The motes of light dance on however, on into eternity.


(For a reference regarding God’s knowledge of our fates and God’s concern for us, the sparrows, see Luke 12:6-7.)


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