The Spiritual Evolution of Humanity

Humanity is on the verge of an evolutionary breakthrough; God is the driving force, our cultural obsession with mysticism sets the stage for the action, and the goal is cultural and personal communion with godhead.

Psychic connectivity will be the medium of transformation.

Our societies are rapidly evolving.  Interest in all things mystical and metaphysical has increased tremendously.  Scientific rationalism claimed to have debunked traditional religion and our culture replaced it with romanticism and new age mysticism.  However, the pendulum has begun to swing back the other way.  Vampire culture is the rage.  Children are immersed in a world in which we can study to become wizards just like little Harry.  Ghost story “research programs” are prevalent on television.  To many participants in modern culture, God is dead or is viewed dismissively.  However ghosts, vampires, and wizards are not!

Now our species appears poised on the cusp of a great leap forward in terms of spiritual evolution.  A group consciousness and an impending agreement on “the meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything” appears within our grasp.  God is usually not a part of this discussion.  However, when the Divine/godhead is a part of the discussion… angels, demons, Knights Templar, and secret societies in general often predominate within religious popular culture.

However, the Ancient of Days has a message for us… a message that has been there all along.  God is keenly interested in our spiritual evolution… as individuals and as a species.  This message is not hidden, it is clearly revealed through a fairly straightforward interpretation of the biblical texts….  God wants us to evolve into beings possessed of greater and greater psychic connectivity.  The purpose:  to enhance our ability to communicate with godhead, so that we influence one another to… love God, and love one another as much as we love ourselves.

God is selecting and has selected for an evolutionary breakthrough in the human species through a program of genetic enhancement and selective breeding.  In the beginning, the people of Israel were – at God’s direction – very closely inbred.  Then this close inbreeding was forbidden by God.  Later, imagery portraying God as a horticulturalist or as an animal-breeder (God as vinedresser, shepherd, wheat-grower, etc.) became standard fare in the biblical narrative.  Imagery relating to light and godhead and calling for God’s people to strive to “shine forth like the sun” came to symbolize our understanding of God’s kingdom.

God has created and is creating us as a species that is more and more “in God’s image”.  Psychic phenomena and the ability to dwell with and communicate with God (and with one another) in the realm of the mystical and metaphysical – is the key.

– The Hermit

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